It's Winter (again!)

Wow, well here it is winter....and it looks like a white Christmas is on the way.  A welcome development for our friend's at Blue Mountain and in the tourist biz.  

The band has had a really busy fall with a number of sold out and successful gigs starting with the Grand Opening of the Potato Factory Bar and Grill.  It seems that it is rare in for a bar on Hurontario Street in Collingwood to have a band playing rock and roll because all kinds of people were coming in off the street to find out what was going on.......and they stayed for the party!  The bar and the dance floor were packed and the place was rockin'.  There were some ladies there who had never seen us before but had heard our song on the radio and decided to come and check the band out.  We're playing at the Factory again on Saturday, January 13 and 8:00 so maybe we'll see you there.

We also had a return visit to our home pub, the Dornoch Tap and Grill in Nottawa for a "Close of Golf Season" party.  It was a sold out affair and the cozy dance floor was packed.  Its always good when 10 or 12 ladies on a "girls weekend" arrive for the last set in a party mood!  Following that gig, we played a similarly themed event for friends Don and Sue Hickling at Lora Bay.  The crowd starting dancing during our quieter "dinner set" and didn't stop until we were done 38 songs later.

In November, we had the honor of being asked to play in New Lowell at a fund raiser for Andrew Bronee, a young man who became a paraplegic after an accident in the Dominican Republic.  The objective of the event was to raise funds to pay for accessibility renovations to the Bronee home so that Andrew can stay at home and adapt to his new life.  The organizers filled the Legion to capacity and there were so many kind and generous donations to the silent auction that the event raised $26,000.  It really made me proud of the community that we live in and gave new meaning to the words from the Not Ottawa song "Small Town Simple" which is about moving to this community............"We got family, we got friends that care!".  Andrew you sure do.

Following this string of events, we got some nice testimonials from the folks who booked us.  Here is a sampling.....

“ I just wanted to say thanks. You guys did a wonderful job. So many compliments. Will definitely have you join us for another event.” 

“That was a wonderful night. You guys blew me away on all fronts” 

“We are always here for you guys. I loved your band and team spirit”

In other news, we have had a change in our line up.  After five years with the band, our original drummer, Brian Art Carter, has decided to move on to other challenges.  Brian is an incredibly gifted and talented musician and has always had an affinity for jazz playing jazz influenced music is what he is moving on to.  We all thank Brian for five great years with us (and for his and Kim's patience in hosting us in the famous Carter basement studio) and we wish him the best on his musical journey.

Moving forward, we are very lucky to have Lance Wright joining the band as our new drummer.  Lance comes from a rock background and is really fitting in and adding a new dimension to the music.  For the first time in five years, the band will not be playing a New Year's gig and we will be using the time off to celebrate with family and polish up the song list for what we expect will be a busy winter/spring season.  Following our fall gigs there has been a lot of interest and buzz around the band and we have had numerous gig inquiries.

Stay tuned to this page and Facebook for upcoming gig announcements....and Happy Holidays!