A Fun Summer And Some Fall Pub Gigs

Its been a great summer, well...except for all the rain.  We've had some neat private party gigs but quite a few folks have been asking me when they can see us in a bar or other such venue.  Well it so happens that we have two fun engagements coming up, September 8 at the Potato Factory Grill in Collingwood  and a reprise of our fun "Close of Ski Season Event" that happened in April at the Dornoch Tap and Grill in Nottawa.  Those who were at the April event can tell you that we packed the cozy space and a wild time was had by all on the compact dance floor, and the aisles, and the chairs and tables for that matter.  This event will be the "Close of Golf Season Party" and will be held April 14.  More details on both events in the "Shows" section of this site.  Avoid disappointment by calling for a reservation for either event.

There are two new videos on the site.  These are from a super fun wedding we did at Christien and Adam Delean's new concert venue barn just south of Collingwood.  It just so happens that the groom was Paul Morin, son of sax/keyboardist Dave.  Please forgive the various tonal excursions on the videos....lets just say the band had been celebrating along with the bride and groom.  The 150+ enthusiastic dancers in the crowd ignored the flubs and packed the floor while we played 25 songs without a break.  What a memorable night.

Enjoy the rest of summer and we hope to see you at one of the Pub gigs.