Welcome to the website of the Not Ottawa band!  If you like Classic Rock, Blues, R&B and having loads of fun, then you are in the right place.  We are based in the Southern Georgian Bay area of Ontario, Canada in the beautiful small town of Nottawa and are ready to play for you at many great venues in the area.  We specialize in a danceable mix of music, done our way.  We do tunes ranging from Muddy Waters and the Allman Brothers to the Tragically Hip with some Van Morrison and the Beatles making an appearance along the way.  Mixed in are some of our own compositions.  Come to an event soon and rock to the "Notown Sound"!

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Fun at the factory and up coming gigs......

The band had a great return to a sold out Potato Factory in mid January.  As per usual the place was packed and the dance floor was hoppin.  We managed to squeeze all six of us in to the tiny stages and Ted (Harp) and Dave ( Sax) ripped out some awesome solos to wow the crowd.  On the heels of that night, we have a number of shows coming up in February and March including our first visit to the Harbour Street Fish Bar on Friday, February 9.  Check out the events section for more details.

It's Winter (again!)

Wow, well here it is winter....and it looks like a white Christmas is on the way.  A welcome development for our friend's at Blue Mountain and in the tourist biz.  

The band has had a really busy fall with a number of sold out and successful gigs starting with the Grand Opening of the Potato Factory Bar and Grill.  It seems that it is rare in for a bar on Hurontario Street in Collingwood to have a band playing rock and roll because all kinds of people were coming in off the street to find out what was…

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A Fun Summer And Some Fall Pub Gigs

Its been a great summer, well...except for all the rain.  We've had some neat private party gigs but quite a few folks have been asking me when they can see us in a bar or other such venue.  Well it so happens that we have two fun engagements coming up, September 8 at the Potato Factory Grill in Collingwood  and a reprise of our fun "Close of Ski Season Event" that happened in April at the Dornoch Tap and Grill in Nottawa.  Those who were at the April event can tell you that we packed the cozy space and a…

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Stayner Market and Parkit - June 22

Hey folks we're playing at the regular Thursday Market and Parkit in Stayner this week (June 22).  We've blended in some new acoustic stuff into the first set along with some Blues and will be focusing on Blues and R&B in the second.  We start at 7 and play through until 9.  Hope to see you at the bandshell!!  Cheers.

Dornoch pub

Dinner and Dancing at the Dornoch Tap and Grill

As you may have guessed, Not Ottawa is based in the town of Nottawa.  Also in Nottawa is our favourite pub, the Dornoch Tap and Grill, home of great beer, food and music.  We will be celebrating this marriage made in heaven by playing the Dornoch from 7 to 10 on Saturday, April 8.  It is an intimate setting but in the greatest Not Ottawa tradition, there will be dancing....right next to the band.  Come for dinner and stay for the show!!  There is no cover.  You can make reservations at 705-445-5050.

Late Winter Doldrums!

Well its been a while since we updated the page!  We had an awesome sold out New Year's eve gig at Osler Bluff where we actually played 1 1/2 hours straight from 11:30 to 1:00.  I don't know if this only happens to me but I always get hand cramps when I try to play the guitar for that long without stopping......so the boys have to do without me for 10 or 15 seconds while I stretch things out!  

The band got to experience the new clubhouse at Alpine last week when we played for the Ontario Medical…Read more
Kylie and geoff

Great party for Kylie

Well we had a great time at the Fundraiser for Freeride Skier Kylie Sivell.  Pack 180 wacky people in a small space with great sound, many kegs of Creemore and all kinds of auction prizes and how can you not have fun.  In fact so much fun was had that we raised $15,000 for Kylie's World Tour.  The dance floor was packed, Dave's son Paul sat in on piano and a great time was had by all.

The Christmas season is well on us as we had the Clearview Party last week....as always a great party, and another party at…Read more
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Fundraiser for Kylie Sivell

Our friend and world class Freeride skier Kylie Sivell is going on the World Freeride Tour.  Her team has organized a fund raiser for 12 November at the Lora Bay Golf Club and Not Ottawa is providing the music.  This crowd loves to rip it up so come on out and have a great time for a good cause!!!!!  Tickets available here.  See the event details on this webpage
Not ottawa at the gne

Small Halls.....what a blast!!!!!

What a great time we had at the Small Hall's Rib Tickler event at Nottawa Hall on September 30.  By the time the comedians finished, everyone had been sitting (and drinking) for quite a while and was ready to dance.  We started up tempo with Brown Sugar and the dance floor was immediately full...and I might add it was pretty full with many enthusiastic younger ladies reflecting the new generation that is attending these events.  They wouldn't let us play any slower songs so we ad libbed our way through the…Read more

Isn't You Tube Great!!

We remember the days when if you wanted to learn how to cover a song or a solo, you had to listen over and over to it until you figured out, or maybe find a guru with talent to show you how.  These days, type the info about a solo into google and there will be two or three instructional examples on You Tube to help you figure it out.  Then all you have to do is practice!!

P.S.  Details for four new events are now up on the "Shows" tab.

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Osler Bluff AHL Party

Osler Bluff Ski Club, Collingwood, Ontario

Not Ottawa is going to provide the party music for the season ending event for the crazy Adult House League ski racers. We may just feature a special guest on keys!! Members can get tickets from the club office.

St. Patrick's Day at the Dornoch

The Dornoch Tap and Grill, Highway 124, Nottawa, Ontario

This will be fun. We are returning once more to the cozy confines of our local to celebrate another great ski season and St. Patrick's Day all in one night. This one will fill up fast so reserve your table soon by calling the pub at 705-445-5050.