Small Halls.....what a blast!!!!!

What a great time we had at the Small Hall's Rib Tickler event at Nottawa Hall on September 30.  By the time the comedians finished, everyone had been sitting (and drinking) for quite a while and was ready to dance.  We started up tempo with Brown Sugar and the dance floor was immediately full...and I might add it was pretty full with many enthusiastic younger ladies reflecting the new generation that is attending these events.  They wouldn't let us play any slower songs so we ad libbed our way through the set list and played all the fast ones.  Pretty much two straight hours of sweaty fun.  Roger Robinson was amazing on sound and the overall excellence and rambunctionessness of the evening was underlined when the police showed up to "supervise" the activities and the smoke machine set off the fire alarm.  So over all....a memorable evening.

Thanks to the Small Halls Festival and its sponsors, to Clearview Township, to the Nottawa Hall volunteers, to Roger for the sound....and most of all to all of you crazy dancing fools who made it so much fun!!

Cheers...the band.